Big thoughts, eggs, giant shoes, and s’mores

You know how sometimes you get your hopes really high, ask God to do something really big and then hold your breath to see what he does?
Today was that day for me, and he totally blew me away.
It was a big talking day for me. I got to share a devotional with my team and that was special, and then we prayed for the talk I would give to the kiddos.  Our topic is that God is in the small things. I have prayed for months on how to present this, how to communicate to the kids how even when they feel lost, even when they feel invisible, God sees, knows, and LOVES them.  He gave me the words and verses, and I just hoped I wouldn’t get in his way.
Even if no one else had been blessed, being reminded of how awesome the love of my God is for me was awesome. I am always stunned when I really, for a moment, get that. I will never get used to it.  I want so badly for these kids who have been abandoned, hurt, or handed over to know that.  To hear and believe that to God, there is no one just like them and he loves them to pieces. I think he told them.
At the end I talked about how we are God’s workmanship, or masterpiece.  I pointed at each person in the room, adults and kids, one at a time and told them they were God’s masterpiece, and had them stand. To see the shy smiles, the eagerness to be called out as a beloved of the Most High, it was…there aren’t good enough words but it was the stuff that joy is built of.
I just continue to praise God for moving in such a big, real, intimate way. Praise Him!
After that we did an Easter Egg hunt so they had to find “small things” and that was a hoot. They loved it as much as I did at that age. And then we took pictures with a backdrop of a giant shoe (so we’d look small) and all these fun props and man, there are oodles of killer photos, some of which I will post when my computer charges (I’m borrowing my roommate’s.)
All afternoon was crafts and puzzles and games, and for me an energy drink, and I praise God again for the fact that all of us over 20 managed to stay conscious…well, mostly at least.  Tonight was our late night with the kids and we did s’mores and capture the flag. The rules never really did get sorted out, but we ran around wearing glow sticks and squealing, so it all worked in the end.
Today was one of those days that starts out so high, you’re kind of worried it’s bound to go down hill at some point. But it never did. We went from glory to glory. I’m a sweaty mess from all the running around, sticky from bug spray, a little tummy-sore from laughing, and I couldn’t be happier.
To all of you who have so generously prayed for me and for this trip, I thank you. God has heard you and has moved his big, glorious self in an orphanage in Phnom Penh. He has swamped these kids with his love and I am glad I got caught up in it.

2 thoughts on “Big thoughts, eggs, giant shoes, and s’mores

  1. Kimberly – Thank you so much for sharing this! As I read your heart for these kids, my eye welled up with tears and I know that so many people feel the same way for these kids… For them to know that God loves them SO much and they are uniquely created by Him! That God has a love for them bigger than we can even imagine and I am overflowing with Joy that you had the opportunity to share that message with them! I couldn't be happier that you got to speak into their hearts and lives on this trip and that you are getting to visit the piece of your heart you left in Cambodia! Praise God for the work He is doing there and praise Him you are such an important part of that!! Praying for you all!

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