The Beach and Back…

Just to get everyone caught up a little….the Business Luncheon was a huge success! On Saturday 73 local business owners and influential members of the community showed up. Andrew Rains did a terrific job communicating his five points of business success (with the help of a translator) to this large group of people. Many of the attenders were observed diligently taking notes and appeared to be fully engaged. Andrew also spoke of his Faith and how his relationship with God and the values God has laid out for him has a huge impact the way he lives his life, his career/work ethic and life as a family man.

 Andrew delivering his business man luncheon message.

We followed up the luncheon with a trip out to the orphanage to see the kids for the first time since we arrived. Lots of hugs and smiles and for the folks returning on this trip it was wonderful to see our team members new to Cambodia  begin to engage with the kids and begin to learn about them individually!

Sunday, we were early risers and made our way to the 7 AM service at New Life Church. Following the service we loaded up the buses and headed to the beach with all three teams and all three sets of kids from each orphanage. The beach, as usual, was delightful! The kids (and us) had the opportunity to run free, dive, splash, flight kites, throw balls, build sand castles, take pictures, laugh and eat like kings! That only left one thing to do for the ride back…sleep…

 Darrel, being nice and posing for a picture, and for one moment, not dunking the kids underwater
 Kristie with Narin. Look familiar?
 “But what really knocked me out was their cheap sunglasses, oh yeah!”

We returned back to the city yesterday evening in the thick of rush hour. We finally were dropped off at one of the favorite restaurants (Khmer Surin) the teams over the years have enjoyed to celebrate the success of the last two days!


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