Heading back to Phnom Penh!

I can’t believe we are heading back to Cambodia on Thursday!

Its been almost 11 months since I was there. What a year its been. My wife and I had a baby… and, well, my wife and I had a baby… that’s pretty much all that happened this year. But our daughter pretty much took over so it seems like more than just “one event.”

It seems like only yesterday we were there telling the kids were were going to have a baby. I cannot wait to see the kids again and show them pictures of their “sister”. It’s always hard to describe to people who haven’t been on the trip, just what these kids mean to us and just how much they feel like our family. Once these kids get in your heart there is no turning back, you’re hooked. This will be my 6th trip to the orphanage, and I cannot wait to be back.

We have a great team and am excited to see what God does next week.

We’ll be spending the week talking to kids about relationships. Every relationship from their relationship to God, to Us, to their Community, and to each other. The team has some great ideas planned to make a huge impact.

We also have a ton of fun activities planned–the water park, the movies, eating out, and a dodge ball tournament (just to name a few).

Its going to be amazing! Check back during our trip to see how everything goes.


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