Back in Phnom Penh

After months of prayer and planning we finally made it back to Cambodia. Getting here from Atlanta took a while- I believe the total travel time in the air was around twenty one hours. Before signing off I would like to share a story.

Two years ago I went to Cambodia for the very first time on a missions trip. I didn’t know what to expect. During the trip, I learned about Cambodia and God’s wonderful plan for the people of Cambodia.  One child, really connected with me. His name was Chean. Mike, the leader, told me that I was the first person Chean had really connected with.
After leaving Cambodia, I knew that God wanted me to return, but I also felt a stirring to support a child- the child I started to support was Chean.
Two years later I am back in Cambodia- but before I left I received a letter in the mail from Chean. In the letter, he wrote I love you and I miss you . That letter confirmed that going back to Cambodia was from God .


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