How do you coupon???

I have been a coupon’er for a very long time now, and I’ve figured out a way to make it pretty easy.  It does take a little bit of time (probably about 2 hours every week) but any hobby that will save me money I’m all about!  Most weeks Nate and I are saving between $30-50 off our bill, which if you consider that a salary I’m doing pretty good.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I coupon (heck, I used to hold a class at one of my previous jobs to teach people how I coupon) so I figured I would share all my secrets right here…

Before you start, make sure you have the savers card / club card for your supermarkets (I have City Market and Safeway somewhat close to my home) and then go online and register your card.  Most supermarkets will give you coupons or personal deals online so save your username and password because you’ll be coming back here weekly.

  1. When my store changes their ads (Wednesday for me) I’ll go online and check their ads and write down what is on sale that I need to purchase.
  2. After I’ve checked their ads I’ll check their coupons to add to my cards.   One thing I love about Safeway is that they have personalized deals for things I shop for all the time.  I tend to get fruits and veggies even cheaper than the sale ad!
  3. Finally, I go to, under the Store tab, and look at her coupon match-ups for my supermarkets and any other shop that I may try to go to (like Target, BBB, etc).  If I have time later in the week I like to check back in to the main blog page and see if there are other fun things that I can get for free or super cheep.  Using this site I’ve also got many magazine for free as well as samples and such.

Things I think about when deciding how many to purchase:

  • How often does something go on sale?  I’ve found that things like coffee or other packaged goods will go on sale about once every 3 months so when I’ve found a good sale I’ll stock up for 3 months worth. If you can I freeze some and save it for later then do that too!
  • How great is the deal?  If I’m getting a box of granola bars for $.50 a box I’ll buy as many as I can.  Its something that we will use up before they go bad and I’m not going to get a better deal.  If I find a package of Nate’s pepper jack cheese for $3 I’ll only buy one because I know that’s a pretty typical deal but if I could get it for $1.50 I’ll buy a few.

Happy coupon’ing!!

Additional information:  if you have a cell phone you’ll be able to get coupons and deals that I don’t have. One of the joys of living at 8,000 is that there is no cell service here which means no cell phone deals for me. However, tells you how to use your cell phone to get you deals.

If you have any additional questions on how to coupon shop, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to get you an answer!

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