Bedside Book Holder

Magazine Rack


I was reading Better Homes & Gardens and they had a link to some of their favorite blogs so I was checking them out when I found Mandi at Vintage Revivals. At the very top of her blog was a leather magazine rack and I loved it.  There is almost no space in our bedroom and I’ve been wanting something to keep books in by my side of the bed so that very day I created my own.

Even though we have  a ton of leather sitting around our house I didn’t want to use something that Nate could use for his business, so instead I found some old fabric that I have and made that into my own magazine rack.

I followed a lot of Mandi’s instructions so please check out her site if you would like full instructions.  Where I did change it up was to sew 2 fabrics together, inside out, of course.  When I turned it right side out it was super wrinkled so I ironed it before I put the grommets on it.  I did use scrap leather for the handles and Nate helped me make the knot, its one he uses often on saddles.

Its holding my books beautifully!


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