Knit Pot Holder

At our house we pretty much only use cast iron skillets. They really are the best to cook in.  But, have you ever tried to move a cast iron skillet after its hot???  OUCH!  I am really tired of forgetting to grab a hot pad before we grab the skillet so Nate’s solution… we needed something to put around our skillet handles.  After a quick search I found one to knit.


Pot Handle



This was the first time I ever used double pointed needles so it took a few tries to get started but once I figured it out it was really easy to knit.   So easy, I made 2 for our house!  Just an FYI, the instructions I had said to have 25 stitches however that was way too many.  I cut it down to 14 stitches and it fit perfectly.


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