How Do You Workout?

People love to post pictures of themselves working out on Facebook all the time.  Unless there is something crazy about my workout, you’ll never know I do.  I’m not supermodel skinny but I am in good shape.  I have had a few people ask me what I do to workout. I love to say I don’t workout.

I just love to be active.

Walking with Yancy & Doc

Walking with Yancy & Doc

It wasn’t but a few years ago that I could barely walk (more on that some other time).  Now that I can climb mountains, literally, I’m so happy to be out and about.

Snow Shoeing

Snow Shoeing – Even in the winter we get out!

So instead of telling you how I diet and say no to ice cream or chocolate (which would be a lie, I eat chocolate daily – my fav… 90% dark… yummy!) I’ll tell you I eat in moderation, whenever I am hungry and I get myself out to be active.

Taking Yancy for one of our many walks.

Taking Yancy for one of our many walks.

Instead of working out I do whatever activity I feel like doing that day.

  • Some days I want to feel stronger so I’ll do a workout video with weights so that I can carry a backpack during hunting season.
  • Other days I just feel like I have to go fast, so I’ll run around the ranch I live on.
  • I love to walk and take pictures of the mountains or flowers so I’ll hike on one of the many, many trails just outside my house.  If you don’t think walking is active enough, most of my walks up here take me at least 2 miles and a change of eleveation between 500 and 1,000 feet.
  • Other times I just gotta dance so I’ll do a Zumba workout I put together from YouTube videos.
  • Then there are those times things have to be done around here… cleaning the house, digging out a path, putting in a flower garden, or whatever… so I’ll dig in and do as much as I can.
  • When the dog has crazy eyes I take him on a long walk to the lake or close to where Nate is shoeing horses that day.
  • When I am sore I do some yoga for stretching.
  • Other days I come up with a creative idea of something else to do and then go do it…
Dancing with Nate

Dancing with Nate



And when I don’t want to do anything at all, like today, I play on my computer.


Riding with Zana - If you don't think you get a good workout horseback, you haven't been up Raspberry!

Riding with Zana – If you don’t think you get a good workout horseback, you haven’t been up Raspberry!

The summer is too short and too nice to be stuck inside doing a workout I don’t want to do.  But then again, my goal isn’t to be skinny.  Its to be healthy and to have fun doing it.

Up here you better be carrying.

Up here you better be carrying.


And, one thing to remember up here at 8,000 feet is to bring your gun.  You can never be sure what kinda wildlife you’re going to run into.  I forgot mine one day and a coyote really made me regret it!


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