Fly Strips

Before moving to 8,000 feet I never once owned fly strips.  I’ve never actually liked them.

But, when Nate and I were having to fight flies away from our dinner one night I gave in and we bought some.  We hung a couple up around the house and they are working, we have less flies.  One we hung up behind the television.

Today I was changing out a few of our pictures and decided to change out one behind the tv.  And forgot we had the fly strip up…

And it got tangled in my hair.  Those things are sticky.

We tried a few different things to get the sticky out of my hair but nothing worked.

Thank God for Google.

Apparently I’m not the first to do this and what I learned is that vegetable oil will get that sticky right out of my hair.  At least I didn’t have to cut it.

And then I took a long, hot shower.  I had dead bugs stuck in my hair today. Uggh!

Just in case it ever happens to you I thought I needed to share.