Looks Like Christmas!


Love the snow and ice on top of the creek.

It’s looking a lot like Christmas at our house!  For me, Thanksgiving means tradition.  And besides the tradition of being with family and eating, I love to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watch the Lions play football, and decorate for Christmas!!!  Luckily I have a husband who will humor me.

I used to put up a fake tree.  That’s a lie, I used to put up *two* fake Christmas trees.  But, Nate says we live in a forest, why would we use a fake tree?!?!  So on Thanksgiving he and I went out and got ourselves a tree.

The Christmas Tree

Nate cutting down our tree.

Dragging the Tree

And dragging it out for me!

He wanted a little one.  I always want a huge tree.  I say we compromised [he would say I won]. 😉 Once the tree was safely home, I got right to the task of decorating.  Even Nate’s animals got into the spirit!

Merry Christmas BFD!

BFD says Merry Christmas!


Stocking are up [thanks Mom]!


Nativity courtesy of Grandma Poll.

Decorated Christmas Tree

The tree is decorated!

I love this time of year!! And, having the house so festive is so much fun!!

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