My Favorites This Week

This has been one crazy week.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by…

I haven’t been feeling well and I haven’t been sleeping well.  So, coffee has been extremely important for me at any and all hours of the day… well, up to about 5pm.  After that the caffeine turns on me.

Because of this lets start with…


I ❤ My Mocha Pot!

Coffee || Wit and Delight put up this amazing tumblr and I love looking at it!  I had bought this same mocha pot when I was in Italy in 2008… awesome trip… and it was the perfect souvenir to come home with.  I use it all the time!


Coffee || Noodle Hug has this amazing print on Etsy and 1] its so true and 2] it makes me laugh every time I see it on my Pinterest feed.  And then I feel the need to sing the song

Its time for more coffee…


Blog || Sara du Jour is a lifestyle blogger and I seem to love her taste in music (the next favorite comes from one of her posts).  She does a lot of book reviews too and I love to read.  She is definitely a fun break from my normal day!!

Music || Postmodern Jukebox is absolutely amazing!!  They take songs and completely restructure them and I love it and do a lot of 20’s, 40’s, swing, jazz, big band – style music! I’ve posted a few of my top favs here but really, all that they do is so crazy good! Love, love love!


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