Nate | Arabs | Beautiful Horses

This past weekend I got to go see my husband work.  That may not sound exciting to you but the he is a horseshoer as well as a saddle maker and leather worker.  Pretty amazing stuff… especially since I come from city life… I don’t think I knew one person who did any of those jobs in the 10 years I lived in Atlanta!

This year Nate started shoeing for Shellbird – Rising Hearts Ranch working on Arab show horses, some of which are already champion horses.  Obviously, from my city background, I don’t know too much about the horse world but this is where Nate grew up.  He has always had a love for Arab horses [both of our horses are Arabs] and he loves the challenge of getting to work on the show horses… So much goes into what he does.

Word practicing for an upcoming show.

Word practicing for an upcoming show.

And there was one horse, Word, I really took a liking too.  They even let me feed him some peppermint candy… so fun for me!!

Usually Nate works during the week but he has been wanting me to meet everyone at the ranch.  He always comes home with such amazing stories when he is there I’ve been wanting to meet everyone too.  So, we headed over to the ranch on Sunday and I got to watch him work.  It was pretty amazing.  Michele and Chauncy were pretty amazing too.  Nate had worked with Chauncy previously and they work really well together.  Nate let me know that Chauncy is the best horse show-er that he has has ever seen.  Michele is the one in charge of all the horses, she is amazingly nice and it was awesome watching her with all her horses.  Its obvious how much everyone cares for each and every horse.

Next weekend Nate and I are planning on heading to Denver for our anniversary weekend and for us to watch some of the horses in action, at a horse show!  It will be my first.  I know Nate is ecstatic to show me more of the horse world!


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