My Favorites This Week: Fashion Edition


From StyleCaster.

One blogging thing I have not done much of is fashion.  Mostly, because I feel like I am the only one at 8,000 feet who actually cares!  But I really do care.  I follow @VogueMagazine and I keep up with @Anthropologie [did you know they even have a blog].  I also love to keep current with @RachaelZoe and @Sartorialist.  Even if I can’t experience fashion from the people my surroundings [God has pretty well fashioned the landscape, am I right??], I love keeping up with it virtually.  And, instead of sharing different favorites this week, I figured I would just share some in the fashion world…

First, lets see if I can give you what my fashion style is… probably a mix of Vogue, Anthropologie, and Country Cowgirl all mixed into one.  I love pairing something that would be considered fancy or high end with comfort.

Reminds me of something Serena would have worn on Gossip Girl.  XOXO

Reminds me of something Serena would have worn on Gossip Girl. XOXO

Comfortably Awkward posted this online and what I love most about this is the jacket.  It would be hard for me to wear a skirt that short, especially at work, but I have a few skirts a bit longer that might work perfectly.


Love the layers in this outfit.

Love the layers in this outfit.

Thyme is Honey posted this outfit idea.  What I love about it is that it takes something that is normal fancy [the dress] and plays it down with the cut, booties, and fun scarf.  Especially here, scarves are a killer idea 🙂


Love This Skirt!!

Love This Skirt!!

When I saw this I thought “Yeah. Well, you know me. Give me a full ballerina skirt and a hint of saloon and I’m on board.” Nigel from the Devil Wears Prada.  I love that movie.  And I completely agree.  I love this skirt, and that its paired with a very warm comfy sweater makes it even nicer.  Thanks Atlantic-Pacific, I love your style! And, Atlantic-Pacific does an amazing job of showing you beautiful styles that I absolutely adore and giving you places that you can purchase the style.  Glitter, Inc also has a few great ideas for tutu skirts.  If you are so inclined [like me] you could always make your own too.  I found this site that will show you how to make one like Carrie from SATC.  I need me one of these!

I need to buy more jeans.

I need to buy more jeans.

Alright, let me give you one more [and have you noticed that I seem to like very muted colors right now??].  This is a fall look from Brooklyn Blond and I love how comfy it looks but at the same time sophisticated. I hardly ever wear jeans [I think I might have 2 pair — one I bought in Italy when I was there in 2008] but seeing this makes me want to purchase more and actually wear them.  And, to help me out, she shows more options that are super cute for jeans…

How adorable.  I want the whole outfit!

How adorable. I want the whole outfit!

But in reality, I really just want her whole style… she is adorable!

Now I just need a good camera and I can start taking photos of my fashion at 8,000 feet…

One thought on “My Favorites This Week: Fashion Edition

  1. […] Fashion || Extra Petite is one adorable woman who shows fashion ideas for the petite women on her blog.  I am not really petite [although I have bought from the petite sections before] however I love her fashion sense.  She is constantly showing her readers how to style for business but also how to take that same style and dress down.  And, she will sometimes make her own clothes, including this tulle skirt, which I want to make some day! We all know I love a good tulle skirt! […]

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