My Husband Rocks| One Year Wedding Anniversary

Nate and I got married one year ago today!!! I can’t believe its been one year already.  But, in some ways it feels a lot longer…. but in a great way.  Really.  Seriously.  Lets step back so I can explain a little bit.

I’ve known Nate since 2009 when my brother and he [both single at the time] went to Michigan to pick up Doc.


I love Doc, but that is another story.

I got to know Nate a bit there, then more in subsequent visits to Marble, in working on his old website [his new one is here], and when Dan and Alyse got married.


Nate & I at Dan & Alyse’s Wedding

But, when I came home from Cambodia in the summer of 2013 Nate did something that neither of us understand how he got the courage to do [being best friend with Dan]… he asked me out!  To be specific, he stated ‘Kristie, if you ever gave me the opportunity, I wouldn’t blow it.’ Which was super sweet.  And I think I surprised him when I said sure.

Our first conversation was fairly deep.  We both knew that we didn’t just want to date to date.  We wanted this to go somewhere.  And we knew each other long enough to know the surface details… so deeper we dived.

And before we made anything official, Nate asked both Dan and Dad if it was alright for us to date.  Both gave their blessing [though Dan drew a very hard ‘line in the sand’] and off we went.  Knowing that it was going to be a quick crash or a quick wedding we dated long distance, I lived in Cambodia and Nate in Marble.  I don’t think you can get more long distance than that.  Seriously.


Dancing with family in Grand Rapids, MI

What we thought would be one year turned into *only* six months.  After about 3 months of dating Nate officially asked me to marry him.  For the next three months Nate and my mom pretty much planned the whole thing.  I was in Cambodia, I couldn’t plan a thing.  And they did an amazing job.

I came home exactly 14 days before our wedding.  Stayed with Dan and Alyse.  And helped with the odds and ends… which mostly meant going to Costo to get the food and going to Walmart to get a few select decorations [note to you, do a Christmas wedding… decorations are already done at the church and at the hall].

And we loved our wedding…


Photography Courtesy of Cowboy Camerman

At the Ceremony

At the Ceremony


Everyone at the wedding. Photography Courtesy of Cowboy Camerman


The size of the wedding looks small but given the fact that Nate and I had originally intended to have a courthouse wedding, its pretty large!

And then our new life began.

Honeymoon in Cambodia

Honeymoon in Cambodia

And, wow was it an adventure.  Not only were we figuring out how to be married, we were learning how to live together, and how to live in the same area [not long distance].  And, both of us have been fairly set in our own ways for quite some time.  One thing that really helped us was that the first 8 months I didn’t work.  And Nate works from home.  So we got to spend a lot of time together.

One thing my parents have said has helped their marriage was that for the first year they lived away from all family.  They had to learn how to work things out with each other, no outside interference help.  And, that kinda gave Nate and I something similar.

At the Crystal Mill

At the Crystal Mill

At the coast in Oregon

At the coast in Oregon

We have had a great year… we have traveled the world, enjoyed each other’s company at home, I’ve gotten to know Dan and Alyse better — living 3 miles down the road from them, we’ve gotten to have our holidays together, we have learned how to live with each other, and our love has grown over the past year.  I’ve heard so many people talk about how they love their significant other more each day… and that is so true here!

There is a cowboy expression that I learned the first time I came up to Marble.  Dan told me, after he let me borrow Nate hat, that this saying is well known in the Cowboy world: ‘Wear the hat, wear the cowboy.’

We should have known

We should have known

 Who would have guessed in 2009 that we would be getting married in 2013…


3 thoughts on “My Husband Rocks| One Year Wedding Anniversary

  1. Great Love Story…. very cool you could put it down in print to share… A very sincere Happy Anniversary wish to two very fortunate and FUN people!!!! Lynn

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