The Voice Recap

Nate and I are into the Voice [probably because I am].  We started watching last season and we have watched every week this season.  Our favorites are no longer on anymore but I like most everyone who is still on the show.

Since I didn’t think to post every week, I’m going to overload you with my full season recap.

During the blind auditions I about fell off the couch when James David Carter sang. One, because he’s so freaking good.  But two, because when I lived in Atlanta he was my favorite singer at Buckhead Church.  Its been a few years since I heard him sing live and he didn’t disappoint!

After JDC was gone, my favorite became Sugar Jones.  I agreed with Pharrell, she is phenomenal.  I love her voice and the songs she sings even Nate’s says is right up my alley.

Nate became a huge fan of Anita Antoinette and I couldn’t blame him.  She is so fun to watch on stage and her reggae voice is so amazing.  And, she has something she wants to say and I love when a singer has a positive point of view.

Up until the Top 10 I really didn’t care much for Chris Jamison but when he came out with ‘Uptown Funk‘ I became a fan. I realized he sounds a bit like JT and that can’t be bad.  Nate doesn’t agree with me but I’m not really shocked.

In the Top 8 episode Taylor John Williams came out with Royals. And became Nate’s next favorite.  I love the way he changes up a song.  And when he changed up ‘Blank Spaces‘ by Taylor Swift the next week I knew he is pretty incredible because Nate liked the song.

In the Semifinals when Craig Wayne Boyd sang the ‘Old Rugged Cross’ I was amazed.  I loved this song growing up.  We sang it church all the time, however, I never sounded this good singing it.

But, Nate and I had already grown to really like Matt McAndrew. His voice is boss.  Oh man, can he belt it out.

Last night I was shocked when I thought everyone had done a great job. Since I had already thought Chris sounded like JT, I was pretty excited to hear him sing one of his songs.

However, both Nate and my favorite was Matt McAndrew and we picked him as the winner.  Every song he did was so great, but I loved that he sang ‘Over the Rainbow.’

Matt’s original video was pretty amazing too.  I can’t lie.

Can’t wait to watch for the winner tonight!!  Who do you think is going to win???


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