Christmas Cookies | Getting Ready For Christmas

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, right!?!?!?  For as much as I love it, there is so much that needs to be done… and the tradition of Christmas cookies is one of them that I love!

As a kid, I remember three of the cookies that my mom used to make every year [although I’m sure she made more].  We always had cut out sugar cookies, buckeyes, and Church windows. I can remember *helping* mom frost and decorate the sugar cookies.  She would always tell us they were beautiful… but looking back I’m sure it was a beauty only a mother could love.

As an adult, I’ve carried on the tradition of making cookies.  Although I mixed it up a bit, I always, always, always make buckeyes.  Those outside of the upper north east might know them better as peanut butter balls.  The rest of the cookies are up for grabs each year.

I have finally decided on my cookie list for this year.  I have my shopping list made and have a plan later this week to spend some quality time in the kitchen.  So, without further ado let me tell you this years cookie lineup.


It’s not Christmas without Buckeyes!

Number One || Buckeyes – I already told you I make them every year… this year is no exception.  They are fairly easy and quite delicious!  Reese’s has nothing on these.

The rest of the cookies are new to my Christmas tradition… will they make it again next year… we’ll have to stay tuned to see!

How delicious do these look?!?!?

How delicious do these look?!?!?

Number Two || Hot Chocolate Truffles from Inspired Snaps had me at hello.  And, broken up candy cane, bonus!!  They mentioned that it is really difficult to make the mini marshmallows so I’m considering replacing those with white chocolate.

I’ve been making Buckeyes for years with just a teaspoon.  Since I’ve started branching out into other round cookies, this year I’m buying a small scoop to make this a bit easier.


They don’t look Christmas… yet!

Number Three || Slutty Brownies from Hungry Red Head.  Mixing Oreos, cookies AND brownies, yes please!!!  I’ve had this on my Pinterest board for quite some time but have wanted a special occasion to make it for.  Finally, the special occasion has come along.  Instead of doing orange Oreos [which would be perfect for Halloween] I’ll use Christmas Oreos to make it a bit more festive for Christmas.


Peanut Butter No Bakes

Number Four || Peanut Butter No Bake for Nate. Its quite sad, actually, he can’t have chocolate because it gives him migraines.  So I asked him if he would like me to make a non-chocolate Christmas treat for him and this was his request.

Now that I told you what my Christmas cookie tradition is… what is your Christmas cookie tradition?

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