Moisturizing Vanilla and Almond Body Wash with Shea Butter Recipe

I’ve been trying to perfect my body wash recipe for quite a few months and I think I have something that will work perfectly for me… so its time to share it with you!! Yay!!

My favorite body wash had been St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter and I wanted to make something that could compare to it.

I started with a recipe that was only 3 ingredients and super easy… however it was not foamy at all, which is something I have always loved about the store bought body wash options, and it used coconut oil.  In fact, most body wash recipes that I found use coconut oil, which as I explained in this post, I don’t like so much.

I found a really good body wash recipe on Live Simply and she added vegetable glycerine to give the soap some foam.  I immediately went onto Amazon and bought some for myself and it did the trick.  Still, the recipe called for coconut oil.  My first few recipes included it but neither my husband or myself liked the smell.

So, I make one small tweak and fell in love with it.

Kristie’s Moisturizing Vanilla and Almond Body Wash with Shea Butter

Body Wash Ingredents

Body Wash Ingredients

First, melt the Shea butter and then add the rest of the ingredients together in a large mason jar.  Spin that lid on the mason jar and shake, shake, shake.  I don’t like the idea of keeping glass in my shower so I don’t keep my body wash in a glass jar… I’m currently using an old Now Sweet Almond Oil container and it works perfectly.

Body Wash

Body Wash

I love a hot shower which works perfectly for my body wash… the steam from my shower helps to melt the shea butter a bit more before I use the body wash.  And I always make sure I shake up the body wash before I use it.  At 8,000 feet [and being a very dry climate] I use all the moisturizing I can get… and this body wash provides it!


4 thoughts on “Moisturizing Vanilla and Almond Body Wash with Shea Butter Recipe

  1. This was great! I have been making the bar soap into liquid recipes lately and no matter how I tweak them have just not been happy with the amount my soap suds or the thick blobby consistency. Also, although they would lather slightly on my loofa, I was never able to get the soap to suds on a wash rag for my kids(At all). This was just what I needed! Lathered great (even on a wash cloth) and left my skin so smooth and hydrated. Great for myself and My kids. My husband (who has not been a fan of my homemade body wash attempts) who is very picky even liked it! I even wash my boys hair with it and just do an apple cider vinegar rinse every now and then to get rid of any build up. Although it definitely isn’t as cost friendly as the bar soap to liquid recipes, a little bit goes a long way and seems worth it to get those suds! Thanks!

    • Kandice, Glad that this worked out so well for you! I am on my second recipe of this body wash and I still LOVE it!! Hope it keeps working for you. And, I’ve updated my blog to so if you want to see any new things I’ve posted please check it out!

  2. Approximately how many total ounces does this yield when put together? I’m looking for containers to make this the first time and not sure what size to use.

    • I generally will put it in a 16oz container when I’m done. Instead of purchasing a new container, I just used sweet almond oil container when it was empty and a mason jar before that. Good luck!

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