Crochet Granny Square Purse

Before Christmas I was all a buzz making Christmas present.  I wanted to share my work on here so badly however with them being presents I couldn’t do so.  I finally have a few pictures I can share with you and I’m so excited to do so!!!

However, before I start sharing I thought I would let you know that its not uncommon for me to want to make things for people however I get so nervous, once it comes time to give it to them, that they wouldn’t like it.  And these gifts were no exception.  Actually, I was probably more nervous than usual since I crochet these… and I just learned how to crochet in 2014 [can you believe that is last year already]!

None-the-less the gifts were very well received, and without further ado, lets get to the gifts… since Nate had crafted a few gifts for everyone that were more guy-related, I wanted to make something for the ladies that they could appreciate.  My brother has been telling me for a few years that my sister-in-law wanted a new purse.  When I lived in Cambodia I searched and searched for a purse that I thought would be perfect… I didn’t find the perfect one… however I found one that I thought she may enjoy and gave her that last year.  But that was last year.

This year I was scanning thru Pinterest and found this purse that Marinke from A Creative Being had for sale on Etsy.  And I thought it was perfect!!!  I finally found the perfect purse for my SIL… however it wasn’t in the colors I thought she would love.

I headed down to the local Walmart [cause that is the only place around that I have found to buy yarn] and actually found a beautiful color.  It was perfect.

So then I needed to find a granny square pattern that I liked and I found this one on Moogly Blog that fit what I was going for.

After making all the granny squares [and making a few extra so I could choose only the best ones] I had to find a good color to connect the squares and I thought the bright pinky-purple color would work well.

After crocheting everything, I made the interior of the purse.  I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it’s half silk and half leather.  And, of course, my amazing husband did the leather work inside the purse and the straps.  After all was done, I added a button so she can close the purse if she so chooses.

After putting it all together here is the final result…

Granny Square Purse with Leather Straps

Granny Square Purse with Leather Straps

I am quite happy to say she LOVES the purse as much as I do… if not more!!! Even Nate thought it turned out perfectly!!

Want to see the purse I did for Mom… Stay tuned!!!


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