Mom’s Crochet Square Purse with Leather

Aren’t you glad I didn’t keep you waiting long for Mom’s purse?!?!?  So to get right back into it…

Once I decided that I needed to make a purse for my SIL I thought my mom deserves one too!  But, to fit her personal style I needed to do things a little differently.  As much as I love big purses, my mom likes smaller ones.  And she LOVES the color purple.

So back to Pinterest I headed and found a few different purse options that I decided to put together to make her purse.  Purse #1 I loved the way they used leather on the bottom of the purse.  Purse #2 was amazing because Mom loves side pockets.  I also liked the scalloped pattern of purse #2 so I went to my saved crochet stitches on Pinterest and choose the Shell Pattern from Lion Brand yarn.

I already had the purple yarn at home [bonus] and Nate had some leather scrap I could use for the bottom [why I didn’t take a picture I couldn’t tell you].  So I got to moving on my second Christmas present.

For the side pocket I used the same yarn as the colorful yarn on SIL’s purse and found some animal print fabric from Etsy for the inside of the purse.  After crocheting it, I used my sewing machine to sew the inside liner, and then sewed the liner to the crochet purse by hand.  Nate, once again, made the handles for her purse and I put a snap on the inside so that Mom can easily close the purse.

The final results for Mom’s purse…

Square purse with outside pockets, leather bottom, and leather straps.

Square purse with outside pockets, leather bottom, and leather straps.

I’m very happy to report that Mom loves her purse as well!!!  I had a lot of fun putting them together and was so happy with the results… I’m so glad they were too!

Side view of purses.

Side view of purses.

And, one more picture of the two purses together.  Just because we can 😉


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