My Favorites This Week

This week has been a bit different, a bit hectic, and a bit overwhelming [but more on that later].  That being said, I have a little bit different Favorites this week.  Generally I love to scour the internet to find interesting blogs or things related to some of my favorite topics [food, fashion, crafting, etc] but since this week was so crazy most of my favorites actually came from the Today Show, since that is what I watch every morning while I’m getting ready.

Golden Globes || To be honest, I didn’t watch the Golden Globes but I did enjoy watching the highlights on the Today Show the next day.  This ‘joke’ about George Clooney made me laugh out loud [which can be very difficult to do before 7am] so I thought it was worth sharing.

Music || As I watched the Today Show this morning, I thought DJ Earworm was brilliant with this mashup of pop music from 2014.  I have listened to it several times this morning and can’t get enough of it!  Enjoy!!

brussel sprouts

Food || Martha Stewart’s recipes for clean eating in 2015 that were showcased on the Today Show look absolutely delicious!  I really want to try the Brussels sprout salad.  Yummy!

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