Breakfast Muffin Hack

I have previously mentioned that I tend to make muffins fairly regularly. Well, those muffins are ones that I make for Nate.  However, I am not a huge fan of carrot muffins.  So, I take that recipe, remove the carrots and flax, and [sometimes] add peanut butter to make a muffin recipe for me.

I love my muffin recipe!!!  I love it so much I pretty much have one for breakfast with a banana five days a week.  Muffins are so easy to tote to work!! And, since I head out the door at 7am for my hour-ish commute every day, I’m generally not hungry before I go into work.

My morning glory muffins didn't last long enough like this!

My morning glory muffins didn’t last long enough like this!

However, there is a little problem of shelf life with my delicious little muffins… as in they don’t stay yummy long enough for me to eat them all.  I first tried putting them all in the fridge but that didn’t extend the shelf life long enough.  So then I started to freeze them.  Which worked perfectly but I couldn’t add butter to them before I left for work.  And, why keep a stick of butter at my desk for my morning muffin??  That seemed just silly.

After a few months of thinking I finally came up with the most ingenious idea.  So great that I couldn’t keep it to myself.  An idea this fantastic I had to share with others!

To make my muffins last I decided to add butter to the muffins before I freeze them.  So… here is what I did.

I took all the muffins out of the plastic bag that I have pictured above. I then cut each muffin in half and add butter to one of the halves…

Cut in half, butter added, closed back up

Cut in half, butter added, closed back up

Then I closed each muffin back up so that I could individually wrap them.

I grabbed the cling wrap out of the cupboard and went to work wrapping them…


Muffins all wrapped up

Back into the large ziplock bag the individually wrapped muffins went and all of the made it into the freezer.

Now, I just have to grab the muffin out each morning and take it to work.  Generally by the time I get to work its thawed and I warm it up in the microwave to melt the butter.

I feel like a genius!



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