Crochet Moose

So many people I know are having babies!!! I recently made the crochet baby hats and the crochet baby blanket but those were for two different orders.  My neighbor’s daughter is also pregnant and I wanted to make her a little something for her baby.

In my Pinterest account, I have been saving different options for baby gifts or orders that I think are super adorable and when I was figuring out what I wanted to make I thought a moose would be way too cute.

I got the original pattern from Deviant Art and I made the bull moose following the pattern exactly [except I used a bigger crochet hook than what was called for].  On the cow moose I used the crochet hook that was called for but changed up a few things that I didn’t so much like on the bull moose.  For example, I thought the black feet came up too high so I lowered the foot part on the cow.  I also, of course, removed the antlers.

They look so cute together!

They look so cute together!

And this what what happened.  Are they not absolutely adorable??  You can’t just get the front view, you need side views right??

Love the moose!!!

Love the moose!!!

Here is the guy from a little bit of a side angle, you can see the back foot at least.  I had so much fun trying to find a spot for the pictures.

Yancy photo bomb!

Yancy photo bomb!

Even Yancy wanted to get into the action and see what I was doing. He also had a habit of coming up to smell the moose.  Luckily he didn’t feel the need to try to take it from me.  No moose were harmed in the photography!!

How cute are the moose!?!?

How cute are the moose!?!?

Apparently these are moose who like to get up in the saddle.    They are just too adorable!!


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