Come Ride With Me

This past weekend a group of us headed to Denver for the Cowboy Poetry Gathering [as I just mentioned in my last post] and we had a blast!  I’ll have to write up more of a summary soon but for right now I want to mention the first song Dave Stamey sang on Friday night, Come Ride With Me.

I have always really enjoyed this song but when he sang it Friday night it went to a different level or, you could say, I heard it differently. As he was singing all I could hear was Nate’s and my courtship written out in song form.

Since we spent our whole dating relationship apart [me in Cambodia and Nate here in the mountains] we couldn’t do much but we could talk about a ton.  And Nate would talk about how much he couldn’t wait for me to be here so he could show me around and do all the things that, basically, Dave talks about in this song.

You could just listen to the song, but written out its so beautiful too…

Come ride with me
Time to saddle up n’ ride away
Is so much to see
Don’t worry I know the trails I know the way

I can’t tell you the number of time Nate talked about all the different trails that he loves out here and where he wanted to take me.  And, he always assured me he knows the way.  In the past year I really got to see this and feel the security of riding a horse with someone who knows the way, even if I feel lost.

I caught a gentle horse
His eyes are big and brown
He’s ready to carry you the whole world round
Come ride with me, let’s ride away

Come take a chance
I’ll show you where the mountains touch the sky
It’s a horse back dance
And we can ride forever if we try

There are a few points on my favorite horseback ride that you can see where the mountains really do touch the sky.  Its so beautiful to look at the mountains seemingly dance with the clouds or the sun peak thru the mountains.  Or to watch the sun rise and set.  Its absolutely amazing.

That dream in the distance
There for you to chase
Out in the sunrise with the wind on your face
Come ride with me, let’s ride away

The smell of the leather, the sunlight on your skin
They’ve got us achin’ to begin
The rumble of hoof beats much stronger than wine
The dust in your hair, the light in your eyes

I’m not going to say we haven’t had a little cocktail or two when we get to a lunch spot in our ride.  And it is funny how the smell of leather while horseback [even though I smell it every day in the house — a ‘perk’ of having Nate’s shop in the house] is pretty amazing.  And having the sun shine and wind on your face isn’t shabby either.

Come ride with me
We’ll run the hills and watch the eagles soar
It’s where you want to be
So tell me just what you’re waitin’ for

When I was in Cambodia, Nate asked me more than once what I was waiting for.  I had obligations there I had to finish up and I had a group of pretty amazing kids I didn’t want to just leave. But I’m so happy where God has taken me in my journey.  Right now, we can see the eagles soar around our house almost daily.  Its such a majestic sight.

We’ll camp near the meadow and we’ll love the night away
And saddle up again when the dawn is turnin’ gray
Come ride with me, let’s ride away

I can’t believe the ride I have been on in my life.  I have been taken all over the world and met some pretty amazing people and have been blessed enough to do some pretty amazing things.  And, its pretty amazing to look at my life and feel so content and know this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. And I’m riding with exactly who I’m supposed to be riding with.


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