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Why Nate and I need Clydesdales

This post could also be titled ‘Why I No Longer Run’ and it would work just the same.

There is so much talk about the Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial that I’m sure you’ve seen it, but if not, watch it now.  Watch it before you read any further.

Now, I’ve talked about my workouts already and in that post I mentioned that I now carry a side arm during my workout.  I didn’t explain the story.

One of my favorite places to walk is up the old ski area close to our house.  Nate and my brother both used to live up there so I had been even before I moved here but I hadn’t done much exploring.

One of the views from the ski area.

One of the views from the ski area.

Nate will shoe horses up there from time to time and if I’m free I always go with him.  While he is shoeing, Yancy and I will walk, it’s very mountainous and its so quiet.   One of the first walks I went on up there, I forgot my gun.  No big deal, I thought, what is the likelihood I’ll need it.

I’ll never make that mistake again.

Yancy and I wandered all over the mountain.  We walked past the old warming hut [where both guys had lived before], I found a cute little stream and a walking path but soon went back to the main road.  We were walking straight up the mountain on the road when we heard a bark.  I thought nothing of it for a second.  Yancy got so excited he wanted to check it out.

Then it dawned on me, it has to be a coyote.

I started screaming at Yancy, who was almost half way between the coyote and myself.  Luckily, Yancy listened to me [even though he thought the idea thru in his head first] and came back to my side.

I started cursing my thoughts and wished I had went back to the car to get the gun because now the coyote was heading towards us.   I didn’t know what to do so I started screaming, as loud as I could, for Nate.  I knew better than to run so I started walking down the mountain.  It was so steep that it was hard to walk backwards, but I wanted to walk backwards so I could keep an eye on the coyote.

As we walked, the coyote followed us.  When I would scream, the coyote would stop, so I screamed a lot.  I had nothing in my hands to throw at him if he got to close and if he decided to charge us I had nothing to defend us with.  So, I reached down and grabbed a rock.  And then I prayed that if I had to use it I would be like David.

We continued to walk down the mountain, on the road, and the coyote continue to follow us.  I continued screaming until we got to the warming hut.

I didn’t really know what to do.  The coyote was about 20 yards from us and we were in the open.  He was looking at us, we were looking at him, but I had a decision to make.  Do we go into the warming hut or do we take the turn in the road and go into the wooded area of the walk.  Up until now we were in a huge opening.  I was nervous that the coyote would want to make his attack under the cover of the trees.   But, even though I knew the warming hut was open but I didn’t think it was a good idea to go in there.  At least, that is what I thought at the time.  Now I wonder why I thought that, but hindsight is 20/20, right?

Then he did the coyote howl.  Which made the hair on the back of my head stand up. Then I heard the sound of coyotes in the background howl.  Which made my heart drop.

But, next the coyote turned 90 degrees and started walking away from us.  I continued screaming and decided to take the road.  I wanted to get back to Nate. As soon as we got into the bend with the trees I started running and didn’t quit until we were out of the trees and back into an opening.


Walking down the road.


Now I could see the barn.  I knew we were close to safety but I was certain that the coyote was still on our trail.  As I continued screaming and walking towards the barn, Nate finally heard me [when he is shoeing he has music playing and a forge going… its hard to hear almost anything] but instead of thinking it was me he thought it was a goat in the distance.  So, he had just come out to see if he could find the goat on one of the rock cliffs.

As soon as I got close to Nate, I broke down and fell into him.  Nate was thinking I saw a bear.   The only thing I could say was coyote thru my hysterical crying and when Nate looked up he saw the coyote.  Less than 20 yards away.

He yelled at Yancy to get into the truck and yelled at the other guy who was there [the guy who’s horses Nate was shoeing] to get the gun from the truck and go after the coyote.  Nate would have done so but I wouldn’t let go of him.

Up here you better be carrying.

Up here you better be carrying.

We never did get that coyote but I did learn a valuable lesson that day, always carry my gun.  After the commercial, I know Nate and I need some Clydesdales.