The kids…it’s all about the kids

So after 6 months of planning, preparing and praying. After 24 hours of flights. And after another 24 hours of acclimating to life on the other side of the planet, finally we made it to the orphanage. As we pulled up, here are the first thoughts/images:

– That sure looks like way more than 30 kids…maybe closer to 100
– Beautiful, amazing smiles beaming at us from every single one of the kids
– Tammy and Noelle getting hugs as soon as they get out of the van. These kids obviously have great memories and couldn’t wait to catch up with their friends from last year
– How proud the kids were to show us their home, to sing for us and to show us how much scripture they have memorized (one boy who couldn’t be over 6, had memorized James)
– Watching Noelle tear up when the kids brought out a poster that her team had made last year when she came the first time. I think we all saw her start to cry and immediately realized how difficult it will be to sat good-bye on Thurs afternoon when we are done….But way too much to do between now and then …
All in all, it was a great afternoon. Just a word of warning, however. If you are going to go and play games with a bunch of 4-16 year olds in Cambodia in December…jeans are not your best option. Trust me on this. =)
It was a great morning of getting connected with the students and building a foundation upon which to build the rest of the week. I can’t wait for you to hear what our curriculum and arts/crafts teams have prepared for Mon – Thurs. I am so blown away by their creativity and preparation. But, I’ll have to wait so that you guys can check back in with us later this week and be reminded to pray =)