Celtic Cable Knit Dishcloth

Grandma Poll was so crafty. My family still has ceramic dishes she made, Christmas knick knacks that we pull out in December, I even have a painting she made hanging on my wall.  She was well known for her amazing cross stitch abilities turning white fabric into pieces of art.  I still remember wearing mittens, gloves, and hats that she had knitted for us as kids. And she tried to teach me to knit.  She gave me needles and my mom had a knitting book.

But I never did learn.  That was until after she passed away.

She had so many knitting needles that I had no clue what to do with but when I saw them sitting there in a box, no one else wanting them, I thought they deserved to be used.  So I started knitting.  And trying to learn to was a very slow process but I’m getting somewhere.

This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to knit… but isn’t it worth it?!?!?

Celtic Cable Knit Dishcloth

I found the pattern from Pinterest (don’t you just love Pinterest?) and followed it to a ‘T’ — well, except for the parts I messed up on but please don’t look too close for the mistakes.  If you want to attempt it for yourself, you can find the pattern here.

Do you want to follow me on Pinterest?  Well, by all means feel free.



Knit Baby Booties and Bib

First off, nope… not pregnant.

Now that we have that out of the way, I do know a couple that is about to have a baby boy and I wanted to make them a little something for their new bundle of joy.

Booties & Bib



I got the bib pattern from Ravelry and the booties pattern from Small + Friendly.  I think they are adorable!

Knit Pot Holder

At our house we pretty much only use cast iron skillets. They really are the best to cook in.  But, have you ever tried to move a cast iron skillet after its hot???  OUCH!  I am really tired of forgetting to grab a hot pad before we grab the skillet so Nate’s solution… we needed something to put around our skillet handles.  After a quick search I found one to knit.


Pot Handle



This was the first time I ever used double pointed needles so it took a few tries to get started but once I figured it out it was really easy to knit.   So easy, I made 2 for our house!  Just an FYI, the instructions I had said to have 25 stitches however that was way too many.  I cut it down to 14 stitches and it fit perfectly.

Knit Hand Towel

Knit Dish Towel



Nate and I needed a new hand towel.  Instead of going to the store to buy one we thought it would be fun for me to make one.  So, I searched online and I found a hand towel that I liked.  I created the hand towel exactly the way Cathy from Wishing I Was Knitting told me to I love the way ours turned out.  If you want to make the same thing go to her site and get started!

Happy Knitting!