Breakfast Muffin Hack

I have previously mentioned that I tend to make muffins fairly regularly. Well, those muffins are ones that I make for Nate.  However, I am not a huge fan of carrot muffins.  So, I take that recipe, remove the carrots and flax, and [sometimes] add peanut butter to make a muffin recipe for me.

I love my muffin recipe!!!  I love it so much I pretty much have one for breakfast with a banana five days a week.  Muffins are so easy to tote to work!! And, since I head out the door at 7am for my hour-ish commute every day, I’m generally not hungry before I go into work.

My morning glory muffins didn't last long enough like this!

My morning glory muffins didn’t last long enough like this!

However, there is a little problem of shelf life with my delicious little muffins… as in they don’t stay yummy long enough for me to eat them all.  I first tried putting them all in the fridge but that didn’t extend the shelf life long enough.  So then I started to freeze them.  Which worked perfectly but I couldn’t add butter to them before I left for work.  And, why keep a stick of butter at my desk for my morning muffin??  That seemed just silly.

After a few months of thinking I finally came up with the most ingenious idea.  So great that I couldn’t keep it to myself.  An idea this fantastic I had to share with others!

To make my muffins last I decided to add butter to the muffins before I freeze them.  So… here is what I did.

I took all the muffins out of the plastic bag that I have pictured above. I then cut each muffin in half and add butter to one of the halves…

Cut in half, butter added, closed back up

Cut in half, butter added, closed back up

Then I closed each muffin back up so that I could individually wrap them.

I grabbed the cling wrap out of the cupboard and went to work wrapping them…


Muffins all wrapped up

Back into the large ziplock bag the individually wrapped muffins went and all of the made it into the freezer.

Now, I just have to grab the muffin out each morning and take it to work.  Generally by the time I get to work its thawed and I warm it up in the microwave to melt the butter.

I feel like a genius!


My Favorites This Week

I had an amazing Christmas and New Years holiday, and I hope you did too!!! One thing that kinda got pushed aside during the past few weeks is [obviously] this blog, which means I missed a week or two of favorites.  But, they are back!!  And I am so excited to share some of my favs with you…

Nate's Bling Spur Straps

Nate’s Bling Spur Straps

Cowboy ||  Nate May Leather Shop does amazing leather work [and I don’t just say that because he is my husband]!  For years he has been making some amazing leather goods for the cowboy… this year he was commissioned by a couple of clients to make leather goods for the cowgirl!  He made spur straps with BLING on them and they turned out absolutely amazing!!! I’m so impressed with his ability and talent.  And now I want him to add bling to my orders 😉

Love this tulle skirt!!

Love this tulle skirt!!

Fashion || Extra Petite is one adorable woman who shows fashion ideas for the petite women on her blog.  I am not really petite [although I have bought from the petite sections before] however I love her fashion sense.  She is constantly showing her readers how to style for business but also how to take that same style and dress down.  And, she will sometimes make her own clothes, including this tulle skirt, which I want to make some day! We all know I love a good tulle skirt!

Yummy Cranberry Hot Toddy

Yummy Cranberry Hot Toddy

Drinks || Cranberry Hot Toddy by She Wears Many Hats looked so delicious I just had to try it for myself.  Nate makes an amazing hot toddy recipe so when I’m cold or feeling under the weather he makes me my hot toddys.  However, this looked like a pretty amazing change up.  I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand [and I wasn’t making for four people] so I had to improvise a bit.  Basically, I cut the recipe by four, then cut the pure cranberry juice down and added water, left out the star anise [since I didn’t have any], and used whiskey instead of rum.  And it turned out delicious!!!  Please try one for yourself [if you are over 21, of course]!

How Adorable is this Reindeer Amigurumi?!?!?!

How Adorable is this Reindeer Amigurumi?!?!?!

Crochet ||  I guess I’m still stuck on Christmas [even though we took our decorations down a week ago] because I think this reindeer amigurumi is the cutest by Tales of Twisted Fiber.  And its a free pattern!  How nice of her to share it with us.  I think I’ll need to be making some for next Christmas!

Christmas Cookies | Getting Ready For Christmas

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, right!?!?!?  For as much as I love it, there is so much that needs to be done… and the tradition of Christmas cookies is one of them that I love!

As a kid, I remember three of the cookies that my mom used to make every year [although I’m sure she made more].  We always had cut out sugar cookies, buckeyes, and Church windows. I can remember *helping* mom frost and decorate the sugar cookies.  She would always tell us they were beautiful… but looking back I’m sure it was a beauty only a mother could love.

As an adult, I’ve carried on the tradition of making cookies.  Although I mixed it up a bit, I always, always, always make buckeyes.  Those outside of the upper north east might know them better as peanut butter balls.  The rest of the cookies are up for grabs each year.

I have finally decided on my cookie list for this year.  I have my shopping list made and have a plan later this week to spend some quality time in the kitchen.  So, without further ado let me tell you this years cookie lineup.


It’s not Christmas without Buckeyes!

Number One || Buckeyes – I already told you I make them every year… this year is no exception.  They are fairly easy and quite delicious!  Reese’s has nothing on these.

The rest of the cookies are new to my Christmas tradition… will they make it again next year… we’ll have to stay tuned to see!

How delicious do these look?!?!?

How delicious do these look?!?!?

Number Two || Hot Chocolate Truffles from Inspired Snaps had me at hello.  And, broken up candy cane, bonus!!  They mentioned that it is really difficult to make the mini marshmallows so I’m considering replacing those with white chocolate.

I’ve been making Buckeyes for years with just a teaspoon.  Since I’ve started branching out into other round cookies, this year I’m buying a small scoop to make this a bit easier.


They don’t look Christmas… yet!

Number Three || Slutty Brownies from Hungry Red Head.  Mixing Oreos, cookies AND brownies, yes please!!!  I’ve had this on my Pinterest board for quite some time but have wanted a special occasion to make it for.  Finally, the special occasion has come along.  Instead of doing orange Oreos [which would be perfect for Halloween] I’ll use Christmas Oreos to make it a bit more festive for Christmas.


Peanut Butter No Bakes

Number Four || Peanut Butter No Bake for Nate. Its quite sad, actually, he can’t have chocolate because it gives him migraines.  So I asked him if he would like me to make a non-chocolate Christmas treat for him and this was his request.

Now that I told you what my Christmas cookie tradition is… what is your Christmas cookie tradition?

Kristie’s Dirty Chai Tea Latte

I love coffee.  Obviously, from this post, right?  Well, sometimes black coffee [my normal coffee drink of choice] doesn’t sound as good.  Sometimes I want something a little smoother.  Well, when I do, I generally go to another drink of choice… my Dirty Chai Tea Lattee [cause I can’t cut the coffee out].


Courtesy of WholeWildWorld on Etsy

So, instead of removing coffee I built a drink around it.  There are a few things you may want to have for this little concoction.  They aren’t very expensive and they make the drink taste so much better, or so I believe.

One, I love to make this on the stove top.  Mostly because it gives the teabags much longer to seep.  And more seep equals more flavor.  Since I’m only making one cup, a teapot or a saucepan is too large. So I use a Stainless Steal Frothing Pitcher.  Its the perfect size for what I am doing.  I wish I could find one with a lid, but I just take an espresso saucer and it fits perfectly over the top.

Frothing Pitcher

Stainless Steal Frothing Pitcher


Second, I use a milk frother.  I was making this without them and there was a serious change in flavor.  And, this Ikea Milk Frother is so inexpensive I don’t feel guilty for using it at all.  This is the second one I have purchased.  The first one I bought a few years before I moved overseas and it worked wonderfully.  When I moved, I gave it away.  When I moved back, I really did miss it.  And I think it works just as well as a very expensive one.


So, now that you know what I have used… lets get onto the recipe!!

Kristie’s Dirty Chai Latte


I ❤ My Dirty Chai

  • 1/2 – 1 cup almond milk [but use any milk you prefer]
  • 2 Earl Grey Tea Bags
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • dash of nutmeg
  • dash of ginger
  • dash of cloves
  • You could also add a dash of black pepper or cardamom, if you would like
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • Coffee

In your pitcher, add the milk, tea bags, and spices.  Cover and heat on medium high on your stove until hot [3-5 minutes].  Turn down to medium low and let sit for 10 more minutes for the tea bags to seep. Place your sugar in your drinking glass and then add the chai tea you just made.  Froth with your milk frother.  Pour coffee to fill the rest of your cup.







Although I didn’t come up with this [EmbieOnline is selling it on Etsy] its a very true statement for my household.



And this Apple Peel Bourbon from Food52 is about to be made by me!  Doesn’t it look fantastic?!?!  I have done some apple infusing in whiskey before but its been a while.  While the snow is falling, this is the perfect little thing to sip on.

My Favorites This Week

The idea of sharing my favorite finds from around the internet (or interwebs as the people at 8,000 feet like to call it) is really a cool idea for me. I love being able to tell you about what other people out there are doing and doing well.  I hope you find it fun too!



Christmas || Aka Design + Life is getting me in the Christmas spirit! As far as I’m concerned, any time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is fair Christmas game!  And now I’m getting excited 🙂



Blog || Maize Hutton is that blog that has had my attention this week.  There are such cute designs and ideas here.  I absolutely adore these ornaments and her Antropologie inspired mistletoe (I really want to make this for Christmas) but the whole blog is pretty cool.



Home || Picture frame on Pinterest — I love the idea of using an old window as a picture frame.  And, luckily for me, I have one at home!  Now to just find the wall space to put it up…


Acorn Squash

Food || Avocado & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash from Jeanine Love & Lemon looks absolutely amazing doesn’t it?!?!?!  She is a vegetarian, which is just fine by me, but Nate doesn’t believe you can have a meal without meat and dairy.  I saw this and thought it would be a perfect post-Thanksgiving meal… and for my carnivore hubby… add some leftover turkey and top with cheese.



Fashion ||  The Berry has a ton of cute fashion ideas in this post. This one looks like it would even be great for winter.  Cozy and comfy, just my style!


Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope you are having an amazing day with your friends and/or family!  And I hope you have many, many things to be thankful about on such a food-filled day!

There are so many things I am thankful for every day but to list a few here:

  • I am so thankful for Nate who I love more every day and who I can’t believe I’ve been married to for almost a year.  Its been one great year!
  • I’m so thankful that I live close to my brother and sister in law.  Its been great getting to know them more and getting to do life with them so often.
  • I’m so thankful for wonderful parents who love and support me and who will be moving so close to me soon!!
  • I’m so thankful for my Cambodian family who I miss every day!
  • I’m so thankful for friends [even the ones I hardly get to see] all over the world. I’m so thankful for Facebook so we can stay in touch.

And, I’m thankful for Cranberry Relish from Zehnders [and that they have the recipe online].  You know I’m eating some today!