My Favorites This Week

This week has been a bit less hectic than last week and I’ve gotten to look thru Pinterest quite a bit trying to get ideas for upcoming projects. I’ve gotten so many great options that I can’t wait to try out and learn how to do, now I just need to find time to do them!

Isn't this necklace collar absolutely beautiful!

Isn’t this necklace collar absolutely beautiful!

Jewelry || I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into making crochet jewelry and now I want to learn even more!! I found this site, not in English, but gives diagrams on how to make this.   I can’t wait to start!

Cross Stitch Coffee Mug.  I want to make it now!

Cross Stitch Coffee Mug. I want to make it now!

Cross Stitch || I haven’t talked about cross stitch much on this site yet however I am a semi-avid cross-stitch-er.  By semi-avid I mean I’ve made some for gifts and I have a huge French/flower needlepoint project that I’ve been working on for years. I tend to like to do needlepoint when I’m tired of other projects I’m working on.  But, wouldn’t this coffee cross-stitch be super cute by the coffee maker?!?!

happy home

Our house is quite happy, thank you very much!

Home || I saw this pallet sign from Rusticly Inspired on Etsy and I think it fits Nate and I perfectly!


Music || This weekend Nate, I and the gang are over in Denver for the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Denver Stock Show.  One of Nate’s [now you can say Nate/my] favorite singers is Dave Stamey. This past year I was able to watch him live for the first time and we are excited to be seeing him again this weekend. The YouTube video is one of Nate’s favorite songs.



My Favorites This Week

This week has been a bit different, a bit hectic, and a bit overwhelming [but more on that later].  That being said, I have a little bit different Favorites this week.  Generally I love to scour the internet to find interesting blogs or things related to some of my favorite topics [food, fashion, crafting, etc] but since this week was so crazy most of my favorites actually came from the Today Show, since that is what I watch every morning while I’m getting ready.

Golden Globes || To be honest, I didn’t watch the Golden Globes but I did enjoy watching the highlights on the Today Show the next day.  This ‘joke’ about George Clooney made me laugh out loud [which can be very difficult to do before 7am] so I thought it was worth sharing.

Music || As I watched the Today Show this morning, I thought DJ Earworm was brilliant with this mashup of pop music from 2014.  I have listened to it several times this morning and can’t get enough of it!  Enjoy!!

brussel sprouts

Food || Martha Stewart’s recipes for clean eating in 2015 that were showcased on the Today Show look absolutely delicious!  I really want to try the Brussels sprout salad.  Yummy!

My Favorites This Week

I had an amazing Christmas and New Years holiday, and I hope you did too!!! One thing that kinda got pushed aside during the past few weeks is [obviously] this blog, which means I missed a week or two of favorites.  But, they are back!!  And I am so excited to share some of my favs with you…

Nate's Bling Spur Straps

Nate’s Bling Spur Straps

Cowboy ||  Nate May Leather Shop does amazing leather work [and I don’t just say that because he is my husband]!  For years he has been making some amazing leather goods for the cowboy… this year he was commissioned by a couple of clients to make leather goods for the cowgirl!  He made spur straps with BLING on them and they turned out absolutely amazing!!! I’m so impressed with his ability and talent.  And now I want him to add bling to my orders 😉

Love this tulle skirt!!

Love this tulle skirt!!

Fashion || Extra Petite is one adorable woman who shows fashion ideas for the petite women on her blog.  I am not really petite [although I have bought from the petite sections before] however I love her fashion sense.  She is constantly showing her readers how to style for business but also how to take that same style and dress down.  And, she will sometimes make her own clothes, including this tulle skirt, which I want to make some day! We all know I love a good tulle skirt!

Yummy Cranberry Hot Toddy

Yummy Cranberry Hot Toddy

Drinks || Cranberry Hot Toddy by She Wears Many Hats looked so delicious I just had to try it for myself.  Nate makes an amazing hot toddy recipe so when I’m cold or feeling under the weather he makes me my hot toddys.  However, this looked like a pretty amazing change up.  I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand [and I wasn’t making for four people] so I had to improvise a bit.  Basically, I cut the recipe by four, then cut the pure cranberry juice down and added water, left out the star anise [since I didn’t have any], and used whiskey instead of rum.  And it turned out delicious!!!  Please try one for yourself [if you are over 21, of course]!

How Adorable is this Reindeer Amigurumi?!?!?!

How Adorable is this Reindeer Amigurumi?!?!?!

Crochet ||  I guess I’m still stuck on Christmas [even though we took our decorations down a week ago] because I think this reindeer amigurumi is the cutest by Tales of Twisted Fiber.  And its a free pattern!  How nice of her to share it with us.  I think I’ll need to be making some for next Christmas!

My Favorites This Week: Christmas Edition

Courtesy of Shanty-2-Chic

Courtesy of Shanty-2-Chic

If you haven’t figured out yet, I adore Christmas!!!  Since its the last Saturday before my beloved holiday, I thought I would give you some of my favorites for Christmas time.  Hope this brings you as much joy as it brings me!

Beautiful Tags!

Beautiful Tags!

M Stetson has Christmas tags that I have printed out for my gifts this year.  Many of the free printable gift tags require you to purchase colored paper, which is just too hard to do up here.  I do, however, have plain white, and these look absolutely amazing on white paper.

Love this simple idea!

Love this simple idea!

Greener Grass has the cutest idea for displaying Christmas cards.  And it looks so easy to assemble and take down.  Generally at our house we just put the cards on one of our window sills.  This may be a fun alternative to that!


I want to make these lights!

I found this pattern on Ravelry and I believe it is needed in our house by the next holiday season! How cute are these?!?  And the directions don’t look too difficult.  One thing I figured out, don’t wait until November to make Christmas things for our house.  I’m to busy crafting for other people [I’ll have to post some on the gifts that I’m about to give… just it will have to wait until after Christmas]!


I want my house scented with this!

The Mamas Girls posted a scent that I would love to have filling my house this Christmas!  Doesn’t it just look wonderful?? And super easy, can’t get better than that!


What about a great holiday outfit?!?!  I’m loving this outfit from Brooklyn Blond for a great party outfit this season.  I love the sequin skirt but that its paired down with the shirts.  And if I really wanted to be festive, I could change the collared shirt to a red color or something.  That might be fun too!

God bless you this Christmas!

My Favorites This Week: Fashion Edition


From StyleCaster.

One blogging thing I have not done much of is fashion.  Mostly, because I feel like I am the only one at 8,000 feet who actually cares!  But I really do care.  I follow @VogueMagazine and I keep up with @Anthropologie [did you know they even have a blog].  I also love to keep current with @RachaelZoe and @Sartorialist.  Even if I can’t experience fashion from the people my surroundings [God has pretty well fashioned the landscape, am I right??], I love keeping up with it virtually.  And, instead of sharing different favorites this week, I figured I would just share some in the fashion world…

First, lets see if I can give you what my fashion style is… probably a mix of Vogue, Anthropologie, and Country Cowgirl all mixed into one.  I love pairing something that would be considered fancy or high end with comfort.

Reminds me of something Serena would have worn on Gossip Girl.  XOXO

Reminds me of something Serena would have worn on Gossip Girl. XOXO

Comfortably Awkward posted this online and what I love most about this is the jacket.  It would be hard for me to wear a skirt that short, especially at work, but I have a few skirts a bit longer that might work perfectly.


Love the layers in this outfit.

Love the layers in this outfit.

Thyme is Honey posted this outfit idea.  What I love about it is that it takes something that is normal fancy [the dress] and plays it down with the cut, booties, and fun scarf.  Especially here, scarves are a killer idea 🙂


Love This Skirt!!

Love This Skirt!!

When I saw this I thought “Yeah. Well, you know me. Give me a full ballerina skirt and a hint of saloon and I’m on board.” Nigel from the Devil Wears Prada.  I love that movie.  And I completely agree.  I love this skirt, and that its paired with a very warm comfy sweater makes it even nicer.  Thanks Atlantic-Pacific, I love your style! And, Atlantic-Pacific does an amazing job of showing you beautiful styles that I absolutely adore and giving you places that you can purchase the style.  Glitter, Inc also has a few great ideas for tutu skirts.  If you are so inclined [like me] you could always make your own too.  I found this site that will show you how to make one like Carrie from SATC.  I need me one of these!

I need to buy more jeans.

I need to buy more jeans.

Alright, let me give you one more [and have you noticed that I seem to like very muted colors right now??].  This is a fall look from Brooklyn Blond and I love how comfy it looks but at the same time sophisticated. I hardly ever wear jeans [I think I might have 2 pair — one I bought in Italy when I was there in 2008] but seeing this makes me want to purchase more and actually wear them.  And, to help me out, she shows more options that are super cute for jeans…

How adorable.  I want the whole outfit!

How adorable. I want the whole outfit!

But in reality, I really just want her whole style… she is adorable!

Now I just need a good camera and I can start taking photos of my fashion at 8,000 feet…

My Favorites This Week

This has been one crazy week.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by…

I haven’t been feeling well and I haven’t been sleeping well.  So, coffee has been extremely important for me at any and all hours of the day… well, up to about 5pm.  After that the caffeine turns on me.

Because of this lets start with…


I ❤ My Mocha Pot!

Coffee || Wit and Delight put up this amazing tumblr and I love looking at it!  I had bought this same mocha pot when I was in Italy in 2008… awesome trip… and it was the perfect souvenir to come home with.  I use it all the time!


Coffee || Noodle Hug has this amazing print on Etsy and 1] its so true and 2] it makes me laugh every time I see it on my Pinterest feed.  And then I feel the need to sing the song

Its time for more coffee…


Blog || Sara du Jour is a lifestyle blogger and I seem to love her taste in music (the next favorite comes from one of her posts).  She does a lot of book reviews too and I love to read.  She is definitely a fun break from my normal day!!

Music || Postmodern Jukebox is absolutely amazing!!  They take songs and completely restructure them and I love it and do a lot of 20’s, 40’s, swing, jazz, big band – style music! I’ve posted a few of my top favs here but really, all that they do is so crazy good! Love, love love!

My Favorites This Week

The idea of sharing my favorite finds from around the internet (or interwebs as the people at 8,000 feet like to call it) is really a cool idea for me. I love being able to tell you about what other people out there are doing and doing well.  I hope you find it fun too!



Christmas || Aka Design + Life is getting me in the Christmas spirit! As far as I’m concerned, any time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is fair Christmas game!  And now I’m getting excited 🙂



Blog || Maize Hutton is that blog that has had my attention this week.  There are such cute designs and ideas here.  I absolutely adore these ornaments and her Antropologie inspired mistletoe (I really want to make this for Christmas) but the whole blog is pretty cool.



Home || Picture frame on Pinterest — I love the idea of using an old window as a picture frame.  And, luckily for me, I have one at home!  Now to just find the wall space to put it up…


Acorn Squash

Food || Avocado & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash from Jeanine Love & Lemon looks absolutely amazing doesn’t it?!?!?!  She is a vegetarian, which is just fine by me, but Nate doesn’t believe you can have a meal without meat and dairy.  I saw this and thought it would be a perfect post-Thanksgiving meal… and for my carnivore hubby… add some leftover turkey and top with cheese.



Fashion ||  The Berry has a ton of cute fashion ideas in this post. This one looks like it would even be great for winter.  Cozy and comfy, just my style!