Stephanie, the best type A personality ever, has been emailing the team clips of Cambodia in the news.  Here is one from CNN.

Pray thru the Flooding

I was just reading in this in the Huffington Post that Cambodia is having some really bad flooding.  Like, 150 people have been killed so far, kinda flooding.  Pick’s Pointe also blogged about it. has more information about it.

Cambodia is a country that has a rainy season and a dry season but this is way past the ‘normal flooding’ they generally experience in the rainy season.  I have two friends who are teachers at an orphanage in Cambodia and the children at their orphanage have had to be displaced until the flooding subsides.  
Pulled from Pick’s Point blog, here are some great prayer points:
  • Please pray for the people who have to cross the river. During the dry season it is a mile and a half wide. Now it is much wider and the currents are very strong.
  • Pray that the river will rise no more.
  • Please pray for the safety of all the Cambodians, especially small children, living along the Mekong.

Cambodia in the news…

Stephanie from the mission trip team going to Phnom Penh in November (hey, did I tell you I’m on that team???!!!!!?!!?!) send an email out with some links on it about Cambodia.  You should check it out:

I ran across these short videos that talk about Cambodia. The second one will actually show the genocide camp that we have been to before.

Have a great weekend! Stephanie

While I should be working…

What if this is what you called home?

I Google searched Cambodia news and came across this that was published 10 hours ago.  Though it was an interesting read and a good example of why we who are born in America should be thanking God more often.  Click here to read.

Cambodia Christian Church Statistics

From this website I found the following information on Christians in Cambodia: The Christian Church

In 1990, when the Christian church in Cambodia was granted permission to operate by the government, there were ten Protestant churches in the country, all in Phnom Penh.

At a consultation held at the end of 2002, leaders of churches, denominations and mission agencies estimated that there were over 2,000 evangelical churches and over 100,000 evangelical Christians in Cambodia. The number of churches includes those awaiting registration by the Ministry of Religion and Cults.

The International Religious Freedom Report 2010, from the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, US Department of State, estimated that the Christian community constitutes approximately 2% of Cambodia’s population. The report stated that Cambodia has 1,292 churches (1,224 Protestant and 68 Roman Catholic), of which about 1,000 are registered with the government [12.1]. In adition, the report refers to 883 ‘offices of prayer’. The report explains: ‘The government makes a legal distinction between churches and offices of prayer. Establishment of a church requires that the founders own the building and the land where the church is located. The facility must have a minimum capacity of 200 persons, and the permit application requires support of at least 100 congregants. By contrast, an office of prayer can be located on/in rented facilities/property, does not require a minimum capacity for the facility, and the permit application requires only 20 supporters.’

Huffington Post

Christina found this news post from the Huffinton Post about the King of Cambodia.  Thought you might find it an interesting read.