Customer Service| Call or Not To Call?

Its no secret I love to shop, I love to travel, and I love to eat out.  And with each one a retail establishment has an opportunity for customer service.  Also, right or wrong, I have an expectation of what the customer service will be like.

I love it when an establishment exceeds my expectation and I tend to go there more.  I hate it when an establishment falls short and I tend to not want to go there at at.  But, I also tend to go above just changing my shopping trends, I also like to contact the establishment after I left and let them know what I thought of their service.  If its to let them know their employees did an amazing job and just want to say thank you.  If I thought that the service wasn’t up to par, I want to give them an opportunity to make it right.

And, I’ll do this for everything.

When we first got married, my husband thought I was hilarious because I’m quite religious at following up on an opportunity to tell about my experience somewhere.  After I’ve made a purchase on Amazon I’m quick to give feedback, not only on what I purchased but the shipping too.  After we go on a trip, I love to jump on and share the experiences.  If a shopping establishment give you an opportunity on a receipt to go online to rate their service I’ll do it fairly often.

And, with it being near Christmas, my husband and I have been out and about quite a bit.  After a year of marriage, Nate has started encouraging me to follow up on the customer service.  To give a few examples, lets take Nate’s and my recent trip to Denver:

Cabela's Customer Service Rocked Thanks To Kathy

Cabela’s Customer Service Rocked Thanks To Kathy

One of the first stops we made was to Cabela’s in Thorton. It was early on a Saturday and they were having a pretty major sale so the place was a zoo.  We were there to not only put a new scope on my gun [my anniversary present and a pretty crazy thing to do on its own] we had to make a return and purchase a few other things.  Luckily, a lady named Kathy was working behind the customer service desk and she made our shopping experience a joy. She took care of us.  So, on the way out Nate eagerly state, ‘we have to make sure to fill out the customer service survey.’ And by we he meant me.  And I did, of course.

Arvada Tavern did Nate & I right on our Anniversary!

Arvada Tavern did Nate & I right on our Anniversary!

That night we celebrated our anniversary.  We went to the Arvada Tavern for dinner.  Originally we were going to go somewhere downtown but with it being so close to Christmas everything was booked.  Luckily, we had been to the Arvada Tavern before and I knew I love it. They have an amazing whiskey selection [for Nate], they play amazing Frank Sinatra style music [for me] and they have amazing food.  We had a great waitress who did a great job making sure Nate had a whiskey he would love and the manager, Mike, was awesome.  As always, the food was delicious.  On the way out, we were able to pass by Mike and let him know how well they treated us for our anniversary dinner.

Target was a Customer Service Fail

Target was a Customer Service Fail

After dinner, we had to go to Target because I forgot nylons and we wanted to go walking around downtown Denver.  I was wearing a dress and having exposed legs was a little too chilly.  So, I grabbed two pairs of fleece lined tights because they were having a sale [buy 1 get one 1/2 off].  We then proceeded to go thru three different lines to try to check out [the 1st line the checkout woman didn’t know what she was doing and the 2nd line the lady turned off her light and wouldn’t help us].  And once we were finally able to check out they didn’t give me the discount.  And, the 3rd checkout lady wouldn’t help us… she sent us to the store’s customer service… to wait in another line.  Luckily the customer service guy did give us a discount and coupons for the next visit.  Of course, when we got home I filled out the customer survey and this time it was less than stellar.

So, this begs the question…  Am I one of the crazy one who fill out surveys, post to Amazon, or update TripAdvisor or is this something a lot of people do.  Please let me know!