What an amazing day!! I couldn’t have asked for more fun with the kids.  Lots and lots of pictures were taken and lots of laughs were had. 

We got there this AM to lots of hugs and I couldn’t have asked for more.  For the first time I walked the narrow little road to the orphanage and for the first time we took a tuk tuk from the hotel to the orphanage.  It is much more humid in July and there is a lot of dust, which makes for huge mess when in an open air vehicle… ha!  It was fun to just hang out for a while.  Then in the afternoon we played around the grounds, Samnang Big went swimming, and we got to see a pregnant pig… all make for an eventful afternoon!

There was one incident that put a tiny cloud over the day, which isn’t resolved so if you could, please pray for the kids and us.  I don’t want something small to become something big and I want to make the situation right for everyone.

Ok, now onto the pictures…


Alex & Heing

Kristie & Polin

Samnang Big

The Girls for Church

The Boys for Church

Rathannak & Me

Polin, Srey Leap, Me, Rathannak Stephanie, &Srey Mom small

Stephanie, Srey Het, Pony, Me, Polin

Kristie with Bananas!!

Polin & Kristie

Rothannak & Kristie



Rothannak and Lik just hanging around…

Lik and his hat

Samnang big as a monkey

Narin & Kristie

Prayers Round 12…

Pastor Vek Huong Tang & Madam Samoeun

Pastor Vek and Madam Samoeun are the people who started the orphanage and the New Life Church in Cambodia.  Please pray for God’s continual hand of protection on them, for the wisdom to know what to do and the courage to continue to do it.

Please also pray for all of the workers who keep the multiple orphanages, the church, and the radio station running.  

Prayers Round 11…

Hanna (& baby girl due in July!)    


their son Che Sda
Hanna and Vannak are the orphanage “parents.” They are in charge of running the orphanage and taking care of the the children.

Counting down…

Can you believe how close the trip is getting???  I’m extremely lucky that I’m able to go back for the 3rd time and I’m going to be able to go early.  I’m all sorts of excited but I keep waking up in a cold sweat (ok, the sweating part may be because I live in Atlanta and have yet to turn on the air… I just say I’m preparing for Cambodia 😉 ) that I am going to forget something.  I’ve had numerous dreams that I completely forgot to pack, I can’t get a ride to the airport, I didn’t get medication that I need and the pharmacy has closed, etc. Luckily after I take a few deep breaths I am able to say a quick prayer reminding myself that God is in control and that even without the aforementioned things I will still be able to get to on the plane over.

But, I’m sure if you talk to every one of my team members they are struggling with something to make them fell ill-prepared or not ready to go.  So, please keep us all in your prayers I know we need them now just as much as every other day.

Prayers Round 10…



Molly & Michael are now living at the orphanage- their mother Srey Mom just passed away from cancer early May. Their father works at the church, and Molly & Michael will be cared for permanently at the orphanage.

Prayers Round 9…

Davan – age 16 – Davan’s mother and father are both deceased and he was living with his grandmother who was extremely poor. She attempted to find other relatives who could look after Davan and his brother, but no one was able to help support them, so she brought them to the orphanage

Seyla – age 18 – brother of Davan

Raksmey – age 14 – Raksmey’s parents are divorced and his father moved away after the divorce and has not been heard from since. Raksmey’s mother was too poor to care for him, so she left him with his aunt and grandmother in the hopes they could provide his needs. His relatives, however, were also very poor and were unable to give him the care he needed. Therefore, they brought him to the orphanage so that he would be cared for on a daily basis.

Prayers Round 8…

Huo – age 13 – Huo’s parents are divorced and he and his brother lived with their mother after the divorce. Even though his mother tried to provide for Huo and his brother, she was too poor and could never provide them with enough food to eat. She was also unable to pay for them to attend school. She brought them to the orphanage so that they would both have a better life.

Heing – age 10 – brother of Huo

Srey Kim – age 10 – step-sister to Huo & Heing – Srey Kim’s parents are divorced and she was living with her mother who was unable to provide enough food for her to eat on a daily basis. Srey Kim also had to be pulled from school. Because Srey Kim’s mother wanted to provide a better life for her daughter, she brought her to the orphanage so that she would be properly cared for.