Plasma | Altitude Sickness | Living at 8,000 Feet

Probably ten years ago I moved out completely on my own for the first time… no roommates or anything!  It was great.  Except I had no furniture.  When I moved into that first apartment it took 2 car loads to move my stuff… and one of those was just for my shoes… but I digress.

So, at that time I had to decide if I wanted to 1] just buy a whole lotta cheap stuff or 2] buy a few really good pieces that would last a long time.  I elected on the second option and a enlisted the help of a really techy friend to help me pick out my television.  And help he did, he found me a really high end TV for a really cheap [at the time] price.


My Toshiba TV!

I got this amazing Toshiba TV from with free shipping and free setup.  It was amazing.  The guys who set it up thought it was hilarious because I had to have them set it up on the floor.  I hadn’t got a TV stand, couch or anything else yet.

And this TV traveled to all my subsequent apartments until I moved overseas.  Then it went to my parents house for safe keeping. And they loved having it there in storage, I mean their living room.

This summer my parents begrudgingly brought out this TV with the rest of my things this past summer.  It was so nice having my TV back! That was until we turned it on.  It had somehow acquired this buzzing noise that my mom insisted it didn’t have at their house.

I did some research at that time and found that Toshiba TVs could do this sometimes and the only real fix was to buy a new one.  I didn’t want to do that.  And Nate couldn’t hear the buzzing.  So I proceeded to just live with the issue.  Until Thanksgiving.  Then the noise got so bad even Nate could hear it and couldn’t stand it.

The following Monday he took the TV to a repair guy but the buzzing had stopped. However he kept the TV for further inspection. Nate was so excited when the TV repair guy told him the TV is Plasma, so excited he mentioned it to me.  Either I never knew it was plasma or I completely forgot…

As we waited for the repair guy and in the unfortunate case that the TV is just broken I wanted to start doing some research on the best TV options out there today.  I mean, it has been ten years since I last had someone else look into this.

And, in my searching for our perfect new television I found this article from CNET. Plasma TVs actually get altitude sickness above about 6,000 feet.  Seriously.  I couldn’t believe it either.

So I did some more digging and found this article by the NY Times, this article by the Plasma TV Buying Guide, this article by, this article by Buzzle, and the list keeps going on.

Basically, most plasma TVs start to have issues with noise and buzzing at 6,000 feet and become almost impossible over 7,500 feet.  There is only one plasma TV rated to 9,500 feet. One.

So, why is the TV repair guy not having an issue with the noise?  He lives in Carbondale… just at 6,000 feet above sea level.

So, my parents are quite happy that in a few weeks, when they are out for Christmas, we are going to do a TV swap.  We’ll get their LED TV and they will get our Plasma.

Another instance of life change at 8,000 feet!  But, at least we have an easy solution to our problem!