Our next flight is ONLY 5 hours….

So you know it has been a long flight when you get off the plane and give a sigh of relief b/c your next flight is only 5 hours long. =) We have made it to Seoul safe and sound (and a bit tired, too). Back in Atlanta it is just after 3:00 AM, so our internal clocks are all sorts of inside out and upside down. We journeyed from Atlanta with the other Cambodia team as well as a two other North Point Globalx staff guys – so there were plenty of opportunities for conversation in between naps and meals. Here’s what I found out on this crazy long flight:

Lisa and Kristie are knitting masters.
Dominick is a sleep master.
Noelle and Tammy are minesweeper masters (would have been way cooler in the early 90’s)
Saegye is most definitely not a sleep master on the plane
Elloa and Mike are masters of getting good seats (bulkhead, I believe)
Anna and Zach are masters at keeping up foreign relations
Stuart is master of sleeping with his knees up around his ears (or so I’ve been told)
More importantly, here’s what we really found out. Because long days of travel can bring out the worst in anyone, I’ve thus far discovered we have a team lacking in “worst.” In fact, there has been nothing but politeness, encouragement and fun so far…. This bodes well for us as we look to join together over the next 10 days to love on some kids who have already stolen our hearts over the past 6 months – despite the fact that we’ve yet to meet them.
More to come soon! Thanks for your prayers!